What would you do if you could be YOU?

So many people I mentor will say that they went to school for XYZ, then had a career for ten years (or longer)…..the whole time feeling that things just weren’t right. They worked hard, they climbed the ladder—every arduous, energy sucking step of the way.  How many, expensive, time consuming degrees do you think were achieved just to please a lot of other people without ever acknowledging an inner voice that kept saying, “What ARE you doing?”

Could it be time to course correct?   When I asked a ready-for-next client who she would love to emulate, she knew immediately.  Guy Fieri.  Check out The Food Network.  Guy loves diners, drive-ins and dives.  He hosts a show by the same name which allows him to make a very nice living, eating his way through hole-in-the-wall America. What Jimmy Buffet is to Margaritaville, Guy is to Mom and Pop, U S of A.  Platinum hair.  Black roots.  Big grin.  Laughing and slurping through his calorie-laden life, he has shown the rest of us how much fun being HIMSELF, can be.

Being YOU is mostly about being brave. It’s about embracing the brilliant, uniquely YOU, you were MEANT TO BE. When you see people like Guy, who have found to a way to express themselves, especially with something so quirky and fun and fulfilling and lucrative……do you get wistful?

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