How to be easy to love.

It’s so much easier to love the people we trust.  So, if you want to be easy to love, be easy to trust. Here’s what I mean.

Trust is the knowledge that someone will still see you at your best even when you feel at your worst.

Trust is the assurance that someone speaks the world of you when you’re not in the room or out of town.

Trust.  It’s knowing that someone will pick you up from work, or the airport…on time.

Trust.  When you are running late, they pack your lunch or dust the furniture before the party starts.

Trust.  Someone you trust plays on your team.  They have your back.  Bullies beware.

Trust.  Someone you trust knows your music and backs you up with harmony.

Trust.  Someone you trust is a sure shelter, an inspiring word, a hand to latch onto, a place to call home.

Trust.  It’s the steady thing in a rickety world.

Feels like love…..the verb.


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