Creating a Life to Love. Decision #2.

I seek wisdom.  The solutions I find, I willingly share with others.

Just to clarify.  Seeking wisdom is not about looking stuff up on Google.  Those are just the facts.  Wisdom is what happens after the facts, when you figure out what that information actually means, to you, in particular.

Seeking wisdom also does not have to mean you are even looking to anyone or anything else for answers.  Having a group of friends or a wise advisor to bounce things off of is a great way to get perspectives that you might not have on your own.  But ultimately, seeking wisdom is about being on the alert for your own big “So What” in life.

Sharing your wisdom, when it’s asked for, is a great way to re-confirm your own discoveries.  Sharing creates a positive bond and a sense of trust.  Wouldn’t it make all kinds of sense to have more of that in your life?

When you share, you are showing that you care.

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