Creating a Life to Love. Decision #4. Clarity+Faith for the future.

Decision #4.  My destiny is assured. Clarity of purpose insures right action. What may look or feel like failure I see as fine tuning.

Thomas Edison knew he was on to something.  Aren’t we glad he did NOT give up?

He made more than 10,000 attempts to find the right combination, creating electric light. Every “failure” was just a check mark, honing in on the final result.  Each attempt was simply information leading to the next step.

Is there something calling you?  No matter what else you are doing with your day, is there something that keeps tugging at you, to try?  What would you do if you could be you?

Are you ready to act, but not clear about how or where to get started?

One great way to assure your future/destiny is to start by knowing your strengths.  Your God-given talents, will always assure your future, when they are acted upon. Knowing your strengths will guide you into the right actions that will also give you faith…in yourself.


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