Get the Kate Middleton Glow…..Yes, You can.

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For most of us, our baby ‘bump’ days are over, aren’t they girls? Now, we are coping with bumps of a different sort.  In the last 30 days, I have discovered a way to not only flatten that biggest bump below the belly button, and to “get my glow on” again.  Recently, a friend introduced me to The Paleo Diet.  It is the one supposedly adhered to, by all the Middleton girls.  We know they have an army of “groomers” and “cluckers” available,  but great cosmetics and hair products can only do so much. This diet is considered the source of the shining hair, the glowing skin and the slim figures. Basically, in involves eating only whole foods, rich in natural fats.  Avocado’s get a very high ranking, for example.  Use of olive oil for cooking is also high on the list.  NOTHING processed, NO REFINED SUGAR,  are two of the keys.

Commiting to this diet, for me, also involved a 360 look at my life.  We ate out a lot.  I ate on the run during the day….keeping the weight down with coffee, power bars, protein shakes, or skipping meals completely.  Drinks at night, then dinner and off to bed. Sleeping deeply rarely happened because of the night sweats and restless legs.  And, my skin was so dry, I was using my lips for snacks.  I felt just sort of dull and mentally fuzzy wuzzy most of the time. And, I found myself in that emotional “push” mode to stay upbeat, as those around me had come to expect.  Perky Peggy was running on empty.

I decided to try the diet about six weeks ago, with two questions as starters.  They are the same ones I ask my mentoring clients. “What am I really willing to commit to?”What will I need to change in my daily routine to have success?” The commitment caused us to eat at home more often, where we knew exactly what was going into what we ate.  I created a space, on our kitchen counter, for the new cookbooks I had ordered, for easy access and as reminders that they were there for my new commitment to reversing “the effects of aging”.  I was actually pleasantly surprised to see so many appealing and simple recipes. Then, I began to make grocery lists from the recipe books, the night before and re-organized my days to include a trip to the grocery store on the way home.

My husband, who did not know WE were dieting, just thought I was getting excited about being in the kitchen again.  He loved the new recipes and even began to help me prepare some things for the week ahead, on Sunday afternoons.  We turned the music up full blast while we were cooking together and began to re-discover one another too.

So, here’s what I have learned 360.

1.  What I eat can either fulfill me or deplete me.

2.   Most of my looks AND feelings (pre-diet change) had NOTHING to do with aging.

3.   What I truly and consistently commit to can transform me…..from the inside out.  Commitment to taking charge of my overall well being creates positive side effects I would have never expected. (My husband and I have not belted out a tune together in at least 15 years.)

My circle of connections has increased to include the farmer at the market who loves his produce.  I have become part “of the family” who owns the meat market and the fish emporium—both family owned and operated.  I feel like I am now supporting my community of local growers….and that creates a sense of  being a better world citizen.

4.  Creating new routines create a new sense of peace, purpose and power.  I am in charge.  My life is not just “happening to me”.

5.  My house feels like “home” with wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen.  It feels like love is in the air.

6.  Until a month ago, even with Spanx, a flat stomach was impossible.  Not so, any more.  The “tummy bump” is history.

7.  What I eat starts with what I think.

And, here’s the biggest GET:   It’s not the diet, itself, that’s the key, but the DESIRE to turn things around.  Then it’s about taking ACTION to find a NEW NEXT that’s right for ME, and then, putting a plan in place, to get it done.

Are you ready to get your glow on?

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