Creating a Life to Love. Decision #5. Honoring My Inner Voice.

Creating a Life to Love. Decision #5. 

I persist without exception by listening to and honoring my inner voice for I am a person of great faith.

Even after all these years, continuing to focus each day, on just one of the 7 Decisions of Success….this one continues to stop me cold.

As a recovering “good girl”, I have actually treated myself terribly.  I LISTEN to my inner voice, but don’t HONOR it, much too often. I find myself saying an automatic “YES” while feeling “NO! NO!” at almost the same instance.

How many times have I gotten myself into the YES game, then, because I committed to something or someone, Yes,  I did IT….but resented every step of the way?

Did any of those times get my full enthusiasm, persistence or best efforts? And, what does this do to my own faith in myself if I cannot take better care of my inner world than that?  Then, after “pleasing” everyone else, what kind of energy is left over to be persistent without exception?  Hmmm.

Here’s what I know for sure.  When I listen to AND honor my God-given, inner voice, it never, ever steers me in the wrong direction.  The energy required to be persistent, even in the face of challenges, is always there.  All of these things contribute to greater faithin myself.  And, when I have a deep, basic faith in myself…..I see the world, in general,  as a much more inviting and manageable place.

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