Creating a life to love. Decision #6. The power of forgiveness.

Decision #6. I greet the day with a forgiving spirit.  I forgive myself, first.

Some people think “forgiving” is just throwing in the towel, giving in, rolling over….saying “oh well, never mind” or letting someone get away with something they shouldn’t.  Forgiving ourselves is a different story altogether because most of us rarely do that.  We can spend years, emotionally flogging ourselves for something we could have or should have done.  So, here’s  where the rubber meets the road  about forgiveness.

If you have really experienced forgiveness you will feel flooded with peace.  No one is just “off the hook”.  There is no hook.  Case closed.

True forgiveness is the way to refresh your soul and begin again.

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  1. Kay Winzenried says:

    What a refreshing way to start the week and renew for the spring season!

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