Creating a Life to Love. Decision #7. Seeing the GIFT in everything.

Decision # 7.  Today, I choose to be happy.  I possess a grateful spirit.  I seek the gift in every situation which expands my thinking and allows greater opportunity to be revealed.

Don’t worry, I am not going all Polyanna on you.  So often, our initial take on things deserves some delving.  This is one of those “nose-in-the-navel” moments.

Choosing to be happy is actually an act of power, courage and will.  Period.  Almost everything around us, everything we are bombarded with in the news, every way in which we can compare ourselves to the perfect person who has whiter teeth, a higher IQ or who seems to be taut, tan and perpetually 23 can turn us into quite the sour puss.

Choosing happy is a tall order.  Aligning your life and editing your choices to make it easier to choose happy is also turning the noun Happy” into the verb “Happy”.  Thoughts turn into actions.  Choose Happy.

The by-product of being happy is a grateful spirt.  So, if you are ‘choosing happy’, you will have ‘grateful’ pretty well whipped too.

The even taller order is to choose to see the gift in everything.  I mean EVERYTHING.   This is an act of a person on a mission to seek the truth, under the circumstances.

For example….Do you know people who, after having recovered from cancer, have said it was the best thing that ever happened to them?  They often will say, “In a weird way….I have never felt more grateful for my own life.”  It’s not weird at all.  Whatever it takes to get us into the moment of how lucky we are to be alive, is a celebration.

We can see every situation as a wake up call to life—–a wake up call that will make us more appreciative, more conscious, more expansive with our thinking about the beauty of every day we have right here, right now.

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  1. Glenn says:

    Enjoy your positive blogs. I am reading them, thank you for your work and wisdom!!

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