Feeling Stuck? Six words to get you going…in the right direction

Sometimes when I have more on my plate than I think I can handle, or when I realize I have been so much on the run all day, that I keep going, even when I need to use the bathroom…..I wonder how in the world I got this way.  Even though it sounds like I am anything but stuck, with all this activity……things are rarely the way they appear, doncha know?

I believe we all get stuck.  Too much.  We get stuck in the idea that we have to “do it all”, “do it perfectly” and make it look effortless, at the same time.  Right?

As women, we seem to set the bar so high for ourselves.  When we think we are falling short, we just take that bar and whack ourselves over the head with it.  Then we wonder why we feel tired, from the inside out.

Before I give you THE six words, let me make a suggestion or two.

1.  Try saying them OUT LOUD.  You will be shocked at the sound of them coming out of your own mouth.

2.  Then, try saying them OUT LOUD again, while watching yourself in the mirror.  No kidding.

You will notice how awkward they feel, the first time….but you will gain momentum that second time. And, when you see them coming out of your own face, while standing in front of the mirror, you will also notice that you don’t look any different or dummer or “less than”.

I am not being silly.  Really.  Sometimes a sense of humor is in the line-up just before a really good cry.  Either or both are cathartic—-but these six words can be the beginning of transformation.

Here they are:


…..stay tuned for more on the subject of asking for help.


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