A Pump-You-Up Playlist. Time for some happy & glad.

Recent studies have shown that happy people listen to music to enhance their experience of life.

Could you use some upbeat, life-affirming, and/or just-for-fun music right now?  Here is a great baker’s dozen of a feel-good-about-life, with some “happy feet” thrown in…..a playlist to download.  Some are moldy-oldie-goldies…..some are new.  Roll down the windows. Take a long shower.  Sing at the top of your lungs.  You’ll never sound better!  Hope you enjoy.

1.  It’s a Beautiful Day—U2

2.  What a Wonderful World—Louis Armstrong

3.  Love Can Build a Bridge—The Judds

4.  Firework—Katy Perry

5.  Stronger—Kelly Clarkson

6.  Wildest Dreams—Tina Turner

7.   Born in the USA—Bruce Springsteen

8.   Dog Days Are Over—Florence + The Machine

9.   Imagine—John Lennon

10.  Enjoy Your Life—Chris LeBlanc (from Cafe Del Mar collection)

11.   I’m So Excited—The Pointer Sisters

12.   Born that Way—Lady GaGa

13.   Love Can Move Mountains—Celine Dion

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