Creating a Life to Love: Four Things Happy People Do

All kinds of people study what makes happy people that way.  I hope it makes THEM happy too!

The findings were surprisingly simple, which may make some cynics scoff—but then I have never met a cynic who was happy, have you?  If you are feeling a little blue…..then there might be a way into a new view with just a few easy things to do.

Here are the most recent findings about what happy people do on a daily basis:

1.  They make up their beds.

Studies have shown that happy people have some kind of internal sense of beginning and ending things.  They get closure, feel complete, then move on.  The act of making up a bed is getting closure from the night before.  It sets the wheels of a new day into motion. It cleans things up and gets life in order….even in the smallest way.   Makes sense to me.

2.  They floss.

Happy people are most often the healthiest.  Not only is flossing another way to get closure, as in the end of a meal,  before moving forward—–tooth decay and gum disease—-as well as other diseases that are transmitted through food—when left in the teeth, create a kind of “compost” in the mouth that breeds all kinds of nasty stuff.  Gum disease and heart disease are directly related.  Happy people get the gunk out.

3.  They find a way to help others.

Happy people find a way to give back or to give, in general.  One happy woman I know, when I shared this list with her—-was in total agreement.  Her comment, “Hey, when you are helping someone else and you know what you have done has benefitted someone….then I confirm, within my own self……that what I’ve done matters….that I matter.  Helping out is a two-way street.”

4.  They listen to music.

Happy people bolster themselves with music that re-inforces their love of life.  The genres span the spectrum.  Happy people get their groove on.  They use music to enhance whatever activity they are pursuing.  They like to hum, too. Only twenty percent of happy people are actual musicians—-justing listening is enough.

Looks like being happy could be pretty easy to do.

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