Creating a Life to Love: Turning Evil Around

Events in Boston last week still seem surreal.  They remind us that we live in the presence of EVIL all the time.  So, what to do, to turn this around?

Literally……EVIL spelled backwards is LIVE.

What a reminder.  That’s exactly what we need to do.  LIVE like we mean it.  LIVE like never before.

If there is something you are waiting to say to someone….Say it NOW.

If there is something you have always wanted to do….Do it NOW.

If there is someone you need to forgive, including yourself….forgive them/yourself NOW.

That’s what events like these remind us to do—-LIVE today, as if there was no tomorrow.

One Response to “Creating a Life to Love: Turning Evil Around”

  1. Victoria O'Brien says:

    Excellent point, Peggy.
    After all the crazy events of last week,
    I felt like I just wanted to stay home
    and “pull the covers over my head”.
    Sometimes Evil seems to be everywhere!
    You’re right—we need to go out and actively
    live our lives more actively than ever
    and put more love out there!
    I love your blog!

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