Getting Smarter. Creating a Strategic Brain. Part 1.

Some days I wonder where I left my brain.  It feels overloaded….but with nothing in particular.  Stressed but vacant.  How can that be?

I’ll give you a couple of examples.

Although my life seems to be velcroed to my cell phone, I still leave it on the front seat of my car—-and only realize it when I am parked, all comfy in the sack (21 floors away from my car) in my jammies, ready to cruise through a stack of magazines…..while waiting for a pre-determined call from a far-away friend. Ugh.  Another brain fart.

Know what I mean?

So, remembering what I did, just the other day—-making a list of all the things I needed to get done—-then leaving the house, and my list, still sitting right where I made it……I decided it was time to just sit down.

And  B R E A T H E,

And then, re-read parts of a new book, given to me by a compassionate friend, MAKE YOUR BRAIN SMARTER.  It was written by Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, and Chief Director of the Center for Brain Health at the University of Texas in Dallas.  If there was ever a smarty pants about brain drains and gains, after years of studying the subject, surely, she would know.

Here are some things her extensive research has concluded:

1. “To build a healthy brain, you must stop your brain perpetually drinking from a fire hose that is spewing vast amounts of information….Exposure to large amounts of information steals and freezes your brain power…. We have become a culture of infomania, addicted to downloading additional information.”

2.  “One of the biggest obstacles to brain health is that our current belief system about productivity is inaccurate.  We think we should do everything in ‘record time’, regardless of task.”

3.  “Over time, your cognitive ability to focus and think deeply may be diminishing as a result of these beliefs and resulting habits.  The brain’s ability to inhibit how much information actually reaches its inner sphere of attention and retention is weakening….meaning that you are literally reprogramming your brain to be exhausted and unfocused.”

Duh.  I think I am there.

Time to cultivate what she calls,  a “strategic brain” which filters out the cacaphony and creates a “need to know” system of what to value and store…..and what to ignore.

Sounds good to me.  But HOW?

We will get to that in Part 2, which is on the way.  But first, I am taking her advice and thinking about this some more.

Gotta process.

And, oh yes, gotta get dressed to go get my phone.




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