Creating a Life to Love. No Need to Wipe The Slate Clean.

When we decide we want to make a change or two or ten, one of the first things we do is to say to ourselves, “Well, I just need to wipe the slate clean and start all over.”  That’s just the fastest way to do nothing because we overwhelm ourselves with the prospect of “going global” with all the things we need to do to make the change happen.

Change starts with a single decision.  Change happens when the slate of excuses—–that one we think we need to wipe clean,  vaporizes with one more decision. Period.

Doing more of what we get a YES to, and less of the things that feel like NO, creates a life to love living.  It is not about being selfish.  It is about honoring your truth.  The truth is, when we love ourselves and others, there are plenty of opportunities to willingly compromise and bend.  That’s simple too.

The more we tell ourselves that life is hard and complicated, the more reasons we find for not finding ourselves, or healing our relationships or quitting that horrendous job or getting rid of that spare tire.

Life really is simple—-It is comprised of 3 steps.

1. Figure out what you want.

2. Figure out what to do to get what you want.

3.  Do it.

No excuses….or slates….are necessary


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  1. Faye Elahi says:

    The concept of “Doing more of what we get a Yes to” was the hardest thing for me to do so l did some introspection to find the “belief” that was keeping me doing the safe things and not what I needed to do. That belief was that If and when I get to be successful, after I do all the right things, the my friends and those around me might get jealous of me and abandon me! No one likes to be a hermit so I started to face my “fear of success” ! Yes I did have a bone fide, big time fear of success , and not of rejection. It was then that I slowly changed my deep belief that I deserve happiness and I should follow what my intuition tells me is right for me. And I did and I have in a small way acheived my goals and continue to evolve and set the bar higher and more success comes my way even in the worst economic times. Guess what? Incidently I have had some shallower “acquaintances” show some weird reaction to my success and I have been glad to know those while others whom I had not thought of as “friends” have supported my efforts and assisted me in ways I had never thought possible! Now go wipe out your excuses and get busy “finding your truth” as Peggy says so eloquently. Best success to all !

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