Difficult people. Love them anyway.

Got some difficult people in your life?

It may sound corny—but LOVE is the answer.  It may soften them…or not.  Responding to them with love, will certainly be good for you, no matter what.

What if, today, you consciously sent thoughts of love to any person, you find difficult in your life?

What if you wished for them, a way out of the thorny parts of their lives?

What if you could suspend, for one day, any thoughts of retribution or ill will toward anyone who sticks in your gut?

Love is not about them—love is the powerful choice that makes us impervious to anyone else’s actions.

Love starts and ends with us.  It is an inside job.  It is about our own strength of will and who we are committed to being every day.

Rather than responding “in kind” to someone’s ill humor, it is about being kind, no matter what.

Love your enemies.  And, you won’t have any.

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