Juicy Adventures in Paradise. A journey within a journey.

OK girls…Challenge time.

Ever dream of going to paradise, meeting women from all over the world, who, along with you, are pursuing their dreams too?

Not only is it possible, it’s there for the taking. October, 2013 will be here before you know it.  So check this out.


You might want to know a bit about Robin Sparks, the creator of this juicy journey,  as you are making up your mind to dive into the deep end of your life.

Robin and I met a few years ago, at a writer’s retreat in LA, led by the best selling author, Barbara Sher.  Barbara has been a world-leader in the notion that when you “discover your gifts, then give them to the world” you will be living the life you were meant to have.  Amen sister.

And, Robin is doing just that.  Here’s her story……the high points…..as much as my memory bank has on deposit. She can fill you in on the details when you get together on the beach in Bali.

After twenty-plus years of marriage to a man who would not have been successful without her, Robin found out that he was sailing off into the sunset with someone else.  Rather than continue to live in their small California community, watching his new life unfold right under her nose every day, Robin decided to do something bold, for a change, with her own life.  Afterall, she had won the BEST-MOM-EVER badge of honor with her kids grown and gone……so maybe this new found freedom would actually serve a long-held secret dream of living in Paris.  Even in the midst of sadness over the divorce, she could see that her “some day” had arrived.

Parlez-vous francais! Apartment secured.  Even a new love interest had found its way to her door.  C’est la vie!

In reverse proportion, as the transitional love of a new “him” waned—–life in Paris only gained momentum, whetting her appetitie to see more of the world. (More of Robin’s story at www.RobinSparks.com)

What she discovered during her travels, was not only the journey to a new sense of confidence and ease with moving through the world but also that she had a talent for finding the “back roads”,  and the non-touristy connections that made savoring all these new sights, sounds, and cultures even more rich and delicious.

Robin began writing, from her technicolor perspective, about her experiences as an ex-pat. By connecting with other Americans already living abroad, it provided an almost instant sense of ‘family’ and allowed her to see an inside view of these exotic places that had become homebase to them—seeing life as it was truly lived rather than skimming the surface of the usual ‘recommended’ lists provided by a hotel concierge.  (‘Ex-pat’ is short for ex-patriot–people not leaving the US spirit or citzenship behind…but just living and working in other countries.) Her popular articles were picked up by blogs and travel magazines around the globe.

As she wrote and traveled, she met people who were masterful teachers and successful authors, themselves…who were sharing what they had learned with students of all ages, aspiring to express themselves with words.  This led Robin to an idea—to create workshops around the world for people who wanted the experience of traveling “in”—-seeing places through her seasoned eye and learning a new craft, while creating a brand new network of fascinating friends in the process.

About the same time, Robin began to yearn for a real sense of her own home base.  Istanbul caught her attention in a way most other places had not.  So did Bali.  They weren’t exactly in adjoining zip codes.  Typical of Robin—she decided on both.  By selling her apartment in Paris, she was able to purchase places to live part time in both areas, leasing one when she was living at the other.  In the meantime she also continued to share her love of writing by hosting writing workshops, with the amazing teachers she had met along the way.  The workshops were open to dreamers, beginners, and pros….to become more of what they were meant to be and to write about it.

Robin is full of life.  She is the most creative, can-do person I have ever met.  She is the embodiment of the c’est la vie approach—taking life as it comes and making every lemon a tall, refreshing cosmic cocktail of joy, wisdom, and laughter.  Going to Bali would be the journey of a lifetime on so many levels.

Check it out for yourself.  There are just a few spaces available.  Bon voyage.


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