CLUCK YOU! Friends throw friends a party.

A few years ago my house burned down. Completely.

Soon afterward, a dear friend, decided to have a “shower” for me to begin replacing the zillion + one items lost in the fire.  Although receiving the gizmo’s and gadgets was wonderful, the best part of the shower was about the rallying around and “clucking” that was done over me—as only women can do for one another—-with friends sharing the silly and the poignant stories of our life-as-friends, chapters together.

Since everyone knew me, but not one another, the party also became a chance for new loops of friendships to be formed. An atmosphere of love and generosity has the most amazing way of opening people up to one another.  What looked like a party full of beautifully wrapped kitchen gadgets, candles and bubble bath (my favorite things) was really loving-kindness and whole-heartedness, put in action.  To this day, I have never felt so loved or CLUCKED over.

So, that experience gave me this idea.  You might want to try it this summer.

Pick a friend.  Then, throw them a CLUCK YOU! party. It doesn’t have to be about recovering from a tragedy, it can be….just because.

Here’s how it works:

1.   The evening is about focusing on one friend—who gives you a list of 8-10 of their friends to invite.

2.  Then, ask each person invited, to think of one thing… character trait that stands out most to them about the CLUCK-EE.  Ask them to be ready to tell a story to illlustrate what they mean, to the rest of the group.

3.  Dinner—Super Simple.  Order in.  Make it pot luck.  Have guests bring recipes to share.  Or better yet—find out what the CLUCK-EE loves most and have the menu revolve around her favorite things, food and  flowers……..and people.

Watch the magic happen.

As women, we often find ourselves depleted.  We give.  And give.  And give.  We could use a “fill-er up” every once in a while.  That’s what our friends do for us, individually, on a regular basis—but can you imagine how great it would feel to have a room FULL of friends who know you in ways, that others might not—-all sharing what THEY love about you, at the same time?

So often,  we share these things–the loving qualities and the great anecdotes–after someone has died.  Think about it.  Most of us will live an entire lifetime, never hearing about all the ways in which we may have truly touched others.  So, consider a CLUCK YOU!  party, as a sort of happy YOU-logy……right now.  See how great it feels to precipitate this kind of acknowledgement in someone else’s life.

I know.  This may sound wacky.  But I am proud to be the wacky one, sitting out there, acting as the official “hood ornament” in life, every once in a while.  I would be happy to have bugs in my teeth just to see someone glowing with the thought of their own goodness illuminated for one wonderful evening.

So, just consider this.  In a world full of F%@#K YOU!…….CLUCK YOU! is a terrific antidote.

Should you want further details about putting one of these great evenings together……please get in touch.  And, if you decide to get in CLUCK YOU! mode and actually do throw one of these amazing evenings, I would love to hear all about it.  I will share it with everyone!  Be sure to include pictures.

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