Turn Your YES’s Into KNOW’s. Good Girls Get Real.

In the process of mentoring some of the most amazing women, one thing always comes up.

No matter how much life experience, no matter how much has been accomplished, no matter how many notches on the resume or degrees/letters they have behind their names…..they all struggle with THE GOOD GIRL syndrome.

It drives us crazy.  It makes us depressed.  It makes us feel powerless.  It makes us feel like phonies.

And, it seems to be in our DNA.

Do you say YES, all too often, to everything and everyone? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with commitments that you really don’t have time, energy or the heart….for?  Do you find yourself doing what you do, with a simmering resentment?  If you feel exhausted more often than you feel excitement…..then chances are, you are a very GOOD GIRL.

I believe we have the best of intentions.  We WANT to be able to follow through on all those YES’S  with joy and grace.  We want to be generous and grand but the reality is that we really do have our limits.  We still have all those things to do that it takes just to run our lives.

Maybe it’s time to be GOOD to ourselves first.  Maybe it’s time to learn how to catch our breath and catch our “YES”, before it flies out, again.

If you have stories about what you have done to get more real about what you needed to do to save yourself from yourself, please get in touch.

This could be the beginning of helping one another get real and find ways to turn our YES’s into KNOWS.



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