Is Sexting Cheating? A Weiner Roast.

Is Sexting Cheating? 

As this headline flashed, yes, that was FLASHED, across the TV screeen at the diner we frequent most Saturday mornings—-people all around us were laughing. In disgust.

Is this really even a question?

Monogamy is a pervasive state of mind and a way of being that does not include any kind of “secret” sexual acting out. It does not have a public or private switch.  It is an IS.  Or not. Period. End of story.

It is an issue of honor.  And self worth.  It is ethical action, when called into question.  It really does not require any kind of agonizing self-reflection.  It is part of the warp and woof of the fabric of a life.

Mr. Weiner, obviously, did not get the memo.

Or maybe that memo was mistakenly addressed to ‘Carlos Danger’….that ever-so-naughty and exciting, sexting name Weiner gave himself? Can your eyes roll any faster?

The ICK factor makes me want to run out in the yard and hose off the slime that oozes with every spin that continues to be broadcast.  I had to speak up after I saw the most recent television commercial where Mr. Weiner seems to think that people are just giving him a “hard” time.

Declaring that he’s no quitter could be one of the truer statements he’s made.  He did not quit before and he’s not quitting now, even after a second chance at redeeming himself put him back into the race to run one of the world’s greatest cities.

Clearly, the size of Mr. Weiner’s namesake, pales in in comparison to the size of his cajones.

Here’s a real question:

What kind of leader would you want to follow?

Do you want someone whose reckless arrogance and blind ambition keeps him forging ahead, guided only by the need to WIN?  I can’t recall anything about servant leadership thrown into the mix of rhetoric, can you?  It’s all about the marquee value.  The perks.  The power.

What about electing someone to “higher office” who sees himself as two very different people—saying that his public life and his private life should be held separately. Like we are somehow invading his privacy?? Excuse me, CARLOS, who made his private life, public?

Do we want a leader who thinks the rest of us are stupid?

Would you want Mr. Weiner to marry YOUR daughter?

As the song says, “New York, New York…..if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.”

Attention New York:  Could you just…..Make it Go Away?



2 Responses to “Is Sexting Cheating? A Weiner Roast.”

  1. Darold says:

    Though I haven’t the credentials to back it up, I’d suggest, that as Mayor, Weiner’s psychological condition would leave NYC in a more perilous state than we can imagine. He seems to have no mechanism for restraint or remorse. He just doesn’t “get” what is upsetting to anyone because he probably lacks conscience, a condition which allows for compassion and empathy. One word. Sociopath.

  2. Donna Webster says:

    Bravo Peggy!! Well said!

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