Let’s Don’t….And Say…We Did. Good Girls Get Real.

There are times when we need to cut ourselves some slack.  Ask me how I know.

Yes, I signed up for yet, another spin class.  Paid for it in advance.  Not going.

It’s UNCLE time.

About a week ago, I discovered spin class…..one of the most challenging, sweat-fest workouts I have ever done.  Seeing my 8% body fat husband, beaming at my efforts, inspired me to sign up for a class EVERY day for the near future.  What was I thinking?

This morning, the best of intentions, got me out of bed and into my workout clothes.

“Good girl!”  That’s what my husband said as he walked out the door, assured that I was on the way to optimum health and skinny jeans.

That’s what he thinks.

Alrighty then.

One Response to “Let’s Don’t….And Say…We Did. Good Girls Get Real.”

  1. Gail Whitcomb says:

    Going to spinning classes for more than 10 years, only the truly insane would sign up for every day….but your butt will be amazing!

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