Afraid to want what you really want?

Getting clarity on what you really want is the only way to actually get what you really want.

Funny thing is, we often resist finding this clarity.  Some kind of deep seated fear or a combination of fears stops us.  

So, if you find yourself, today…….knowing that what you really want is different than what you really have right now, consider what might be the underlying fear that’s keeping the keys to your future, in your pocket, when you would really like to at least have them in the ignition of your life.

In working with my clients, here’s what we uncover,  most often…….. 

1. One is that you don’t think what you really want is possible.

2. The other is that you don’t think you actually deserve what you really want.

3. And, another is that you aren’t sure you could maintain what you really want, if you were to get it.

Here’s the good news……

Just recogizing that any one or all three of these things might be at work is the pivotal first step in having what you really want.

One Response to “Afraid to want what you really want?”

  1. Having what we really want requires us to be honest with ourselves at all times; to cease listening to the limits of ego’s whispers and to trust in our relationship with the Universe. Each of us is valuable and valued. Each of us contributes our best and when we make time to reflect, we can make our best even better. We must stop being afraid of our light and recognize we are here for a purpose – to be messengers of love and light – and because of our partnership with the Divine we will not fail in being our best, in having what serves our highest purpose.

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