Five unexpected benefits of asking for help.

Best selling author, Brene Brown has researched and talked extensively on what shame based thinking can look like.  One way it shows up for women is by thinking we have to figure out everything on our own.  Not only that, we are supposed to master life, making “graceful and effortless” our daily mantra.

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that workin’ for ‘ya?”

Asking for help is a beautiful, human thing.

It’s such a relief to finally ask.  And it’s such a compliment to be asked. Feeling needed, feeling like what you do, what you know and who you are……actually matters……is just one life-affirming part of the whole equation.

When you ask for help, a chain reaction gets set into motion that creates these five powerful and positive things:

1.  You give other people the chance to shine.  It’s their opportunity to exercise their own genius.

2.  You become human and accessible. People are so glad to know you are really aren’t all that  perfect.

3.  You foster the energizing dynamic of collaboration rather than the energy-suck created by competition.

4.  You learn faster when you feel supported and have more fun doing it.

5.  You give yourself permission to pursue your dreams.



E……Every one of

L….. Life’s


Come True.








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