Spew U. Learning to Vent 101. Lessons in Letting GO!

Some days we need an outlet just to spew.  You know the ones.

Frustrations have built up to the point where we feel like a balloon that’s been blown up but not tied off.  We are ready to blow around the room, pinging off the walls and ceiling.  The feelings intensify when we don’t have a place, a person or a way to lift the lid on our lives and let it all out.

As veteran GOOD GIRLS, this can be a time when we “Oh, well.” ourselves much too much.  Or, this can be a time to seek out ways to relieve the voluminous, all encompassing feelings that need a place to go.  It is a scientific fact that all emotions release chemicals in our bodies.  When these emotions/chemicals are toxic, every time we shove them down, we are setting ourselves up for a chain reaction of ill health.

So, as your friendly professor in the College of Life….a quick course in Venting 101.

1.  Pick a friend you trust.

2.  Ask their permission to VENT. Promise that you will not take more than 10 minutes……and stick to it.

3.  If you are that friend, let them know, you will not try to FIX anything.  You will just listen.

4.  Then………Go Ahead.  Just blow.

5.  Then, stop.  Thank your friend.

6.  Only one blow per phone call.

If someone needs to VENT, let them have the floor.  It does not help to begin comparing notes with, “WOW!  You think THAT’S  bad, wait till you hear about MY life.”

The purpose of venting in  a healthy way is to de-escalate the feelings, not to exacerbate them.

The purpose of being a friend in times like these is to hold a safe space for the sharing and revealing that is going on.  This is NOT the time for solutions, judgments or demonizing anything or anyone……only for airing out.

After a good, healthy vent, here’s what will happen.

1.  You will feel like both the front and back doors of your life has been opened, creating a cleansing current of fresh air wooshing through.

2.  You will know you are not alone.

3.  You will feel loved and understood, warts and all.

4.  You will not feel crazed or crazy, any more.


The facts of life, the frustrations we feel, the people we love and the people we don’t, will always weave their way into the fabric of our lives…….giving us the chance to grow…….or blow.

Knowing how to “blow” is a skill set.  Seriously.

SPEW for sanity.  And, be ready to return the favor for a friend who knows they can “blow back” someday, with the same safety you were given.

If you have a way to vent your frustrations that does not involve eating, drinking, spending, smashing or medicating….you will be way ahead of most people.





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