Powerful Person Magnetism. Secret #3. Free and Easy.

The fastest, easiest way to draw people in is so simple.  Just smile.

With hectic schedules, a thousand things on our minds, and a teetering TO DO pile, it’s so easy to forget.

But who is not drawn to someone smiling—with their mouths and their eyes.

Try it on yourself.

Here’s what I mean.  I will share a very personal story about myself……smiling at myself, actually…..that turned my life upside down first, and then in completely new directions.

When you get dressed every day, you look at yourself in the mirror—brushing teeth, combing hair, putting on make-up.  Right?

But how often do you look into your own eyes?  How often to you actually see yourself?

Now, what if, while looking into your very own eyes, you also smiled at yourself?

It’s quite a sight to see.  Really looking IN.

And, taking things just a step further…..what if you said, OUT LOUD, TO YOURSELF,

“I love you”.

Smiling and looking into your own eyes.  Looking into the eyes of love.

Saying, “I love you” to my very own self, felt so weird at first, that I watched my body crawl with discomfort.  Realizing how hard it was, was a revelation in itself.  It was something I said easily to others.  But me?

You gotta be kidding.

I was introduced to this exercise at a Louise Hay 4-Day workshop that I attended with a friend last year.  They passed out heart-shaped mirrors for us to try this on ourselves.  I went back to my room and realized I could barely open the mirror to even try.  Looking into my own eyes?  Yikes.

Telling myself that I loved me?  How silly did THAT feel?

Then the tears came.  Why was this so hard?  Why did I feel so foolish?  And ashamed? And selfish.

So I tried again.  If I couldn’t really SEE me and feel love for myself, at the sight of my own reflection….what was up with that?

Could it be about a whole lifetime of sending the love OUT, hoping to get a return on my investment? Could it be that foreign to think of focusing on love for myself?  I guess so.

You know about that truth thing.  It will set you free.  But, not before it sets you off.

I wanted to try again.  And again.  Over time, smiling deeply into my own eyes became part of my day—just like brushing my teeth.  It became an act of self-care and self-love that has created a deep, turn of the dial that calibrates my whole day.

SEEING IS BELIEVING.  Making friends with yourself, first…..and believing your own eyes….and smile….and words, will shift your view of the world.  The one within.  And the one, out there.

It’s powerful.  It’s personal.  And, it’s magnetic.



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  1. Carol says:

    Since turning fifty a good number of years back, I’ve been able to toss off outdated and incorrect information I’d adopted through my growing up years. Mostly, I just created new space for not-knowing. Not-knowing leaves room for new eyes for viewing the world externally as well as internally. In effect, every day becomes an adventure in the Next Big Thing in experience. The anticipation for discovery is delicious.

    So I walk around in public with an anticipatory smile on my face and people respond positively even though I sometimes wonder if I don’t resemble a village idiot. I’ve even tried to wipe the smile away sometimes, probably when I feel more like the idiot, but it’s too natural to abandon now.

    But I think you’ve hit on the Next Big Thing here. This is no small exercise and one I look forward to, Peggy. Thank you for sharing the wealth.

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