Powerful Personal Magnetism: Secret #1. Your Body Language.

Some people seem to have “IT” the minute they walk into the room.  “It” is unmistakable.  What creates that kind of presence? 

Very often, it is simply a matter of posture.  Like it or not, some of the strongest messages we send come from what we are NOT saying but how we are moving, sitting, and standing.  How we hold ourselves has a hold on others as well.

Often when we think of posture…..it’s about someone barking at us to , “Stand up STRAIGHT!” or..”Hold your shoulders UP!”  Right?  But we all know how turned off we can be when we see someone who looks like they forgot to take the coathanger out of their jacket. 

Good posture is about standing in alignment with our body parts—using our core or diaphragm—to center the rest of our body.  What I mean by that is to lift your mid-section up, off your hips.  This flattens your stomach and straightens your back at the same time.  When you do this, your shoulders just go along for the ride.  When you are in alignment, you can actuallly stand for long periods of time without getting tired.  Your hips are under your body, supporting your torso, and your knees are in a natural alignment, under your hips…..with your ankles and feet doing the same thing.

When you body is in alignment, you are AT EASE.  You are sending that same message to others.  We are powerfully attracted to people who look and feel “at ease” with themselves.  It sends a message of health and confidence in a much more powerful way than great clothes or hair could ever do.

There is a technique for developing this kind of posture.  It is often taught to television personalities, models, and savvy people who appear in front of an audience, regularly.  It goes like this:

Stand Up.  Suck in your stomach, while sucking in your breath.  You will feel your diaphram, rising naturally to its full extension.  Doing this, sideways, in a mirror—you will be amazed that it can make you instantly appear ten pounds thinner, as well. Are you liking this???

Then, let your breath out but not your stomach. Stay “lifted”.  For most, this will be a new sensation. Don’t let yourself “sink” back into your previous stance. Do it a few times just to see how much of a difference it makes in the way you look, and feel…..to yourself!

Just try being conscious of STANDING UP like this—-and you will begin to see people responding in a way that confirms you are also STANDING OUT.

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