The Truth About Excuses

We all know the famous one: 

“I didn’t have time.”

Unavoidable things DO happen.  I am not talking about those times.

I am talking about the repeated excuses we hear from someone else. 

What does a pattern of excuses do to diminish your opinion of them?

If you find yourself delivering excuses on a regular basis,  how are you really feeling about yourself?

If you are considering what’s next for you, one of the best ways to move forward in your life is to take a deep and compassionate look at the excuses you may be delivering repeatedly.  The truth is……you probably should not have said “YES” in the first place.

If you are feeling selfish by saying “NO” to someone or something…….but then you find yourself being late, or doing a half-ass job or making excuses for the not-so-hot result you are delivering……’s time to course correct.

How to course correct?  Spend some time assessing what is really important to you.  Saying YES to the things you are CERTAIN you CAN and WANT to deliver on is a way of honoring your deepest truth.  It’s not about being selfish.  It’s about being responsible for your own personal awareness…….which reinforces your ability to tell the truth.  It is a way to become someone who can always being counted on. 

It is a way to know that you can even trust yourself. 

The truh about excuses is that they will always take YOU to a place called SMALL.  Excuses will always reinforce your own feelings of “never enough”.  Excuses will always erode your credibility with others.  Excuses will always call your integrity into question.  Excuses will always weaken and stress relationships.

The truth about excuses is this:  Excuses suck the life out of your life.




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