Mind Clattering?? Find Calm. Become Strategic.

People who have strategic skills are the ones who know themselves well. When we know that we know what to do in any given situation, it sets us up for becoming calm in general and focused, in particular.

If you want to think more strategically and feel like you have control of your life, take the time to know (and accept) yourself.  What do you value?  What are the non-negotiables in your life? What brings you joy? What/Who brings you up or down?

And most importantly……what are your strengths? 

Rather than taking in every swirling bit of information, knowing your strengths will become an infallible filter—–imagine “interal velcro”—for what information needs to “stick”, to further your mission.  All the rest of those cacaphonous bits can fall through the funnel into someone else’s basket to deal with.

Strategic thinking, based on a conscious awareness of our unique strengths, keeps us out of overwhelm and grid-lock.  It takes us into action that makes us feel fully alive rather than full of fear.

Would you like to become absolutely clear about your own strengths?  That’s what I do with my clients.  We start at the top by identifying your very own strengths—where you are most likely to shine.  Then, we create a strategy/plan that will take you into NEXT with clarity and certainty.  I am here for you.


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