The Secret to Accomplishing Lasting Results

Funny how life’s lessons, will pop right in front of you in the most unlikely ways and places. 

Here’s what I mean:

Last week, as I was driving my car, the dashboard lit up, indicating that one of my tires was suddenly low.  Thank God, I was around the corner from the store where I had just purchased the tires—so I could whip in and find out if I was headed for a “flat”.

In the middle of an outdoor service bay, pungent with the vile smell of hot rubber—-profound wisdom—a quote for the day—written on a chalkboard was standing right in front of me.

So true.  So simple.

If all you ever focus on is…….results

         You will never really change.

If, however, your focus is on the change

          You will achieve results that last forever.

When I think of how many of us go on diets that are focused on getting into that dress in time for an upcoming event, it’s all about getting to that result.  We squeeze in.  Phew!

Then we go back to the same old habits.

But if we focus on the changes that need to be made and incorporate them into our lives, those changes have the chance to become a new way of life—-creating results that last……forever.

My nearly flat tire turned out to be my good fortune. Whodda thunk?


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