Just Because You CAN Doesn’t Mean You SHOULD

One of the best things about becoming wise is realizing that CAN does NOT have to mean DO.

This reminder came roaring into my own life, just last week…….after I suggested to a friend, who also happens to be a highly talented jewelry designer….that we could put together a pre-holiday trunk show for her.

What a great idea. We said. 

Immediately, emails and phone calls starting flying back and forth about possible dates to fit one more thing into our busy schedules.

Then it suddenly got very quiet.  No vm’s, texts, or emails between us. Hmmmm.

As it turns out, we had both done the dive….right under the “holy-shit-what-have-I-done?” blanket.

Last night, my friend, brave person that she is……. admitted that she was feeling bad…..about the truth.  “I just want to be a “fluffy muffin” for a change” she said.  The realization of all the work to make new samples and then schlep and drag them, to my place, had hit her.  Then there’s the “marketing” involved with lists and phone calls and  more emails and flyers and all the blah, blah, blah that goes with an event like this.  Ugh.  The thought of clucking every client through every custom bead to get an order placed—-and THEN, the thought of having to actually make the stuff and get it delivered on time.  Triple UGH!

For me, I was having the same kind of UH-OH.  Just finding a date when the owner’s room at my condo would be open–would be like standing in line at the DMV.  It’s complicated here in the HOA world sometimes. Then, there’s the food to plan, the invitation to design and send, the money spent, the schlep and drag from my condo of every little dish, plate, napkin and flower to set up this “lovely affair.”   Is there something worse than UGH, to say here?

All because we said we COULD.

So girls, PLEASE…..be a proud FLUFFY MUFFIN before you say YES to all the “great ideas” that may pop into your over-performed heads this holiday. 

And every day, from here on.

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  1. Fluffy Muffin jewelry designer and over-performer here. Peggy, thank you for validating that I don’t have to perform every minute of every day. In fact, some days I actually just sit and eat muffins. Steph

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