2014: Your YES Year

What if you told yourself YES more often this year?

What if YES was actually your operative word?

Here’s what I mean.

The number one resolution at the first of every year for most people is to lose weight, right??

What if this was the year you were not focused on LOSING anything?

What if you said YES to finding satisfying habits that would lead you to feeling sleek and healthy?

Thinking YES, first…..is a simple but powerful reframe of our focus and our thinking.

YES—the whole idea of living a life of YES—plugs us in to the possible.

YES—always has a positive charge—even when the answer is ultimately a NO.

Here’s an example:

Someone has just told you something you definitely do not agree with.

Rather than a flat out—-“NO WAY!”—- which immediately puts the other person on the defensive—-You say:

“YES, I hear you…..and I don’t agree.”

The facts are the same but which one energetically creates the room for consensus and which one takes things into a downward spiral?

YES—moves things forward, in a powerful and positive way, even when we need to regroup.

2014 is full of new possibilities.  Say YES.

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