Scared of Change? Maybe You’re Stuck on the Word, Itself.

Recently, the glitches occurring with my old, clunker computer have become much too much. It weighs a ton and the cursor jumps all over the place, if I try to backtrack to correct typos.  A short email can take an hour before I can actually hit SEND.  Ugh. I need all my hair, so yanking it out in frustration is just is not an option.

Oh well, OK…..full disclosure time. “Recently” is not quite right.  It’s been driving me nuts for more like a year.  I hate to admit it.  I hate the thought of what’s really needed, but it’s………

Time for a change.

Everyone else I know seems so much happier than I am about this revelation.  No doubt about it.  It seems like I am on a slippery slope right into the Apple store, where my friends and family have been happily dealing with the multiple “genius’s”  who led them into MAC WORLD eons ago.

Look, here’s the deal.  All of us have our areas of natural talent. I have done my best to develop mine. But……Anything  having to do with mechanical things or the most mundane technology, has turned me into a whimpering pool of jelly-brained idiocy for as long as I can remember. 

The giant policeman’s flashlight…the one I planned to use on “the boogey-man”, if ever necessary—the one that for nearly twenty years, never worked—-uh, well—when we were newly married, my hero of a husband discovered the problem.  The batteries just weren’t in the right order.  Don’t ever ask me to attach the cables to jump your dead battery.  Your car will explode. For sure.

So……back to the point.  (See how I am avoiding the whole subject of CHANGE?) 

Time for a change.  There’s that word.  Just saying the word has such a charge, it seems to almost vibrate inside my mouth. It reminds me of the word JOB.  I used to spell that word, one letter at a time. J-O-B before I entered the world of entrepreneurship and consulting.

Some words have a deeply negative effect on us.  Recognizing that we have the choice to CHANGE the way we say things, can also create new neural pathways that are more neutral and user friendly.

So, here’s what I know for sure.  The word “CHANGE” itself, with all it’s possible hot button reminders, of feeling uncomfortable with not knowing something, or feeling awkward and mistrusting in the process, or feeling just plain stupid for what seems like much too long—–all that fear, surrounding one word—-can change.

How does, “MOVING ON” sound?

Or “This is an opportunity to evolve.”

Or, “Time to join the party” also has a nicer ring to it.

More positive, more powerful, less daunting….no?


How about focusing on the ultimate benefits to be gained with the decision to move forward?

“With this new technology, I am creating the seamless life.” 

“Everything I need to take care of will be at my fingertips.”

“I will feel more confident about this whole area of my life. Yes!”

So, here’s the take-away…………..

If you find yourself stuck at the thought of CHANGE, even when you know you need to, even when you desparately want to, see if losing the WORD itself, and reframing with some new way to say the same thing—-will create the momentum to propel you into the starting gate. 



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