What’s Driving Your Life? Believing is Seeing.

If you believe you can


If you believe you can’t.

You will be right.

What you believe about yourself colors all your thoughts.

Beliefs create thoughts.  They become the drivers for everything you do.

Beliefs can forecast outcomes.

That’s why being clear about what you truly believe  about yourself can set your life in a brand new trajectory. 

A client of mine, Eileen, has a teen-age daughter who believed Eileen always took the “other side” when she was involved in some unpleasant “mean girl” stuff at her school.  That’s the way it seemed…that’s what her daughter believed.  You can imagine the discord a belief like that could cause, even on a good day with a teenager.  

After working with The Strengths Finder, Eileen,  realized that one of her greatest strengths was her ability to see the WHOLE PICTURE…both sides of the equation that felt so out of balance—-and to see not only her daughter’s point of view but what might have caused the others girls to act as they did. Eileen began to see AND believe that this was a God-given inate ability instead of something to defend to her raging daughter.  She was able to share her “gift of global thinking” with her daughter, turning an incendiary situation into a neutral ground for growth and learning, enabling her daughter to  create a way to deal with the others more effectively. 

Believing that you are gifted is always true.  Reinforcing that belief with something specific creates authentic self-confidence.  When Eileen saw herself with true clarity, she was able to show her daughter a new truth—shifting her daughter’s belief system, as well as her own.

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