Every day “full up” but secretly, NOT Fulfilled? 3 questions to ask yourself now.

MORE and MORE and MORE.  Seeking, doing, planning for MORE. That’s what we do isn’t it?

Most of the people I see in my mentoring practice have jam-packed schedules.  They stay busy, to the point of overwhelm and exhaustion.  There’s not an extra minute in the day and yet, something is still missing.

As one client put it, ” I say “YES” to so many things, just hoping that one of them will lead to the epiphany I’ve been looking for.”  When I asked her to explain, she said, “There is just nothing I feel really engaged in, nothing that captures my heart and soul or attention for any length of time.  I want to feel that kind of fulfillment, where I am so engaged in what I am doing that the hands fall off the clock, and I feel deeply purposeful….on a mission that matters…..to me.” 

Maybe you can identify.  Are you doing a whole lot of stuff that sounds good, looks good, but in reality……feels sorta bad?

If you find yourself anywhere near the brink of too much YES—-with MORE and MORE to do that leaves you feeling only MORE empty……there are three questions to ask yourself right now.  These questions are designed to give you some clarity and relief from the relentless pursuit of “filler”.  They are designed to be a gentle review for where you are now. So, turn down the volume on that blow torch voice of your inner critic and just ask.

You might find the answers becoming a plan for course corrections that will truly lead you into that epiphany you were hoping for. Each question has two parts: 

1.  How much of what I am doing is about trying to “impress”someone or to prove something to myself?   And, how much is about a desire for true self-expression? 

                                 Is my motivation……fear?  or fascination? 

2. What specific steps can I take to off-load the energy eaters (impression building) and expand the energy enhancers—the things I enjoy naturally?

                                How can I tell MY truth more gracefully, to myself and to others? 

3.  Who or what re-inforces my I AM ENOUGH-NESS?

                                How can I give myself permission to engage in activities and be with people I truly enjoy?






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