Your best possible life. 5 guarantees for success. Rule #3

Rule #1…Have a vision for your life  and Rule #2….Believe in your ability to figure things out……are fully supported by Rule #3

It’s no coincidence that it’s the centerpiece of the five rules for your best possible life.

I challenge you to make it your new “F” word.

Rule #3.  Have F U N.

F U N. It’s importance is often highly underrated or even scoffed at. People somehow think that F U N is something left for later, when all the work is done.  At the end.

Here’s the problem with that kind of thinking.

Without F U N, the end is often much closer.  We burn out when we aren’t having any fun.

We fool ourselves (for a little while), at the moment of burn out, and sometimes say….”This is good enough.” And when we settle, we are never really satisfied.  We definitely don’t feel ourselves being successful.  We know that “the end” we declared was actually only “the middle” we had in mind.

If F U N is not usually your thing….find someone who can be counted on for gigging you into some laughter.

Without F U N, it’s too easy to get sad and mad when we aren’t getting the results we want in the way we want at the time we want.

F U N can snap us right out of rigid expectations and judgments into the kind of agile, creative, flexibility that causes the lights to come on at the end of that tunnel..  Bingo.

A commitment to F U N is a tall order.  It DOES require a certain kind of focus and determination to see the silly in the journey.  One of my favorite quotes is:

“Blessed is the person who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.”

You betcha.

I believe, wholeheartedly, that just as much if not more “juice” can come from a really throw-down good time as any day, around a think-tank conference table.

What if you saw your vision as your unique adventure?

When you think of “adventure” travel, do you envision drudgery and struggle or does just the thought bring us visions of fun and excitement with a little exhilarating “out of your comfort zone” thrown in?

That’s life.


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