Your best possible life. 5 guarantees for success. Rule #4

If you’ve decided to pursue your best possible life, hopefully, you’ve also decided to take the first three rules into consideration:

Rule #1.  Have a vision for your life.

Rule #2.  Believe in your ability to figure things out.

Rule #3.  Have F U N.

These rules were developed by Brendon Burchard, best-selling author and highly-regarded human potential expert.

Each rule has inspired me to add my own 2 cents as a result of using them as guidelines for mentoring exceptional women from around the world.

So, paraphrasing a bit, my tag line for this next rule is….”Think and act like a weed.”

Have you ever known a weed NOT to persistently and consistently find it’s way through the cracks in the concrete?  Even the cracks you sprayed to keep them away?

I give you……

Rule #4.  Be patient but persistent.

If you have faith in a higher power, then this rule comes a little easier.  There IS a time and place for things to come together that is often out of our control.

A lot of my life, I have been persistently driven, but not so patient.  I now believe patience and faith go hand in hand.  Knowing that the bigger plan has the hand of God at the tiller, allows me to calm down considerably.  Over the years, I have seen what I thought I wanted, dissolve into something more than I could have imagined because I decided not to force MY OUTCOME.

Besides, if you are on board with the first three rules, you will be really, really, really busy developing the focus and discipline to accomplish them.

If you have that clear vision as the filter for moving forward every day……then being patient and persistent cannot help but create the pay off…..or something better….than you could have imagined.

Patience and persistence also pay off in terms of your reputation.  You become someone others grow to trust.  People like to work for and support someone they can trust.  Being consistent in our fast and fractured world makes you a true stand-out.  Patience and persistence allows us to develop mastery over the things we are focused on learning how to do.  A sense of mastery creates a certain inner calm and authentic self confidence that cannot be gained any other way.

So, be like the weed.  Know that no matter what obstacles may be weighing you down, no matter who is raining on your parade, no matter who rejected you, that you will find your way to the light, growing all the while……step by step, every day….finding you own way to bloom into the life you were meant to have.

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