Taking a Leap. For Joy.

OK, so slap me around for punning and taking advantage of today being Leap Year.  I apologize. Sorta.

I think of today, since it doesn’t come around very often, as a reminder to do other things we don’t seem to do very often.

So, get out the good china.  But this time, don’t put it away.  Live on it every day. You deserve the good stuff, right now.

How much and how often do we “reserve life” or put ourselves on hold until THIS or THAT thing gets done?

What ARE we waiting for?

TODAY is THE DAY.  To celebrate.

And we are waiting……until…..we lose ten pounds, or the dog gets housebroken, or we fully figure out Facebook, before we do……..what?

I wish I could have said it exactly as she did, but Shauna Niequist, whose books and recipes, I love….says it so well, that I am just going to have to quote her today…..because  I agree with her wholeheartedly.

It’s rebellious, in a way, to choose joy, to dance, to love your life.  It’s much easier and much more common to be miserable.  We could just live our normal, day-to-day lives, saving all the good living up for someday, but I think it’s our job to live each day like it’s a special occasion, because we’ve been given a gift.  We get to live in this beautiful world.  When I live purposefully and well, when I dance instead of sitting it out, when I let myself laugh hard, when I wear my favorite shoes on a regular Tuesday, that “regular” Tuesday is (unequivocally and altogether) better.



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