No Matter What

With Mother’s Day on the way, I was touched by the following story told by a woman whose mother was her role model and mentor, on many levels.

“My mom was an RN, and she came home one day covered in blood because she had saved the life of a man who begged her, in the ambulance, not to let him die so he could raise his babies.  Then, she took a shower and fixed dinner.”

While our lives may not have as much drama as this story, how many of us have carried on….no matter what…for the people we love?  How many people have carried on for us….no matter what?

So, with that in mind, maybe today would be a good day to do two things.  First, let’s give ourselves credit for those times, savoring our own innate goodness and generosity of spirit when we’ve been THERE, no matter what, for someone else. And secondly, for the ones who have been THERE for us, it would be a great time to acknowledge their THERE-NESS in our lives.

In a lifetime, we will have many “mothers” and “mentors”….people who have seen us as we truly are and who have loved us through our “fall downs” into our “get back ups”. No Matter What.

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