TIME: Two Ways

As I get older, I think about time more often. Not the actual time of day but the use of it.

And, it occurred to me that I need to think about it completely differently.  Most of the time, I think of it in terms of how it was spent….as in, how I spent this last weekend, cleaning out closets and cleaning out that pitcher of margaritas.

Looking at the calendar for the week ahead is more of the same…..ticking off the blocks of time spent with various people, some of my regular appointments, along with new things plugged into the TO DO list.

Time spent.  Gone for good.

Was it really actually for good?  Or was it spent as filler, amounting to not much?

What if I started thinking about my time as what I was willing to INVEST IN, rather than as something to spend? Somehow, the idea of INVESTING my time seems to have more gravitas, less willy-nilly, and more intention attached to it.  The very thought makes me feel very grown up, all of a sudden. And, a bit sad that I have been cavalier, more often than not, about thinking of time as some endless ribbon blowing in the wind of life.

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