Being irritated. The big benefit.

Is anything irritating you right now? Maybe that’s a blessing….just the grit you need to create a new pearl or two in your life. Here’s what I mean. A client came to be me, absolutely twitching with anger. It isn’t the first time she had been more than irritated with a key employee. Some days […]

It’s not/never what you think.

In every way, she was my hero. Jacquie had done a brilliant job of making her mess, her message. As an accomplished writer, she took her trials of being a stepmother into an award-winning book, full of solutions. Her down-to-earth wisdom spoke to me. As a newly minted stepmother myself, I was looking for some […]

Baby, It’s OLD Outside!

OK…Full disclosure. I hit 65 this year. And when I say “hit”, I mean like a freight train. Who knew I would need emergency heart surgery? And, then the other nine or so random surgeries that also seemed to need my full attention for the rest of last year. I’ve always thought every year sort […]

The TRUTH-ish.

Funny thing about the truth. And, “I don’t mean funny ha ha”…as my mother used to say. The truth has a way of moving around doesn’t it? Years ago, I began referring to THE truth as the “TRUTH-ish” because of an indelible experience that occurred one summer, years ago, in Colorado. Most mornings started with […]

Renew You: 5 Best Summer Reads

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are up to our eyeballs in the dog days of summer. Fry an egg on the sidewalk, time. And, being the ever-constant contrarian, I believe THIS IS THE BEST TIME of the year, when there’s this palpable lazy-hazy lull, to create personal plans and make realistic goals. It’s […]

Party of One. Creating a better world.

Some days it can feel as if the whole world has lost its way and to make matters worse, it seems we can’t do a thing about it. It can feel like we are strapped into the back seat of Thelma and Louise’s car, with Thelma gunning the engine toward that cliff. And, there we […]

Your own Independence Day?

A couple of weeks ago, I invited some girl friends to spend a few days with me at my just-completed place in the country. Oh boy! They were on their way, ready for a great time, relaxing and laughing, eating massive nibbles of Southern/East Texas food and enjoying an adult beverage or two or ten. […]

The True Human Condition

As I watch the reports of the latest insanity played out, in our country/world, I am struck by one thing. Our most basic instinct is to take care of one another because we value life itself.  The stories of people who lept into the fray to take care of total strangers, saving their lives…..bring a […]

Texting, Texting…What Happened to Talking?

OK.  I admit it.  I’ve fallen into a vat of techno-poopie. Not exactly sure when I crossed over from talking to people on the phone with actual words coming out of my mouth… now, where the words, as few as possible, are coming out of the end of my fingers via text. But I have. […]

Our Next President. Our Choices.

In the seven years, I been writing these posts, I’ve never had a word to say about anything political.  But, given that it’s Memorial Day, a time to honor and celebrate those brave people who were committed enough to our country to give up their lives for it…..well, it’s just time. As I look around […]