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Think Like a Weed.

Got weeds? Me too. No matter how many I pull out, a few days later…there they are again. Weeds even find a way to grow out of cracks in the concrete, seams in the street that appear to be completely filled with tar. They pop out of gigantic red rock mountains in Colorado. Weeds (and […]

What time is it?

If you are cruising into your forties, or fifties, or sixties or seventies, or beyond… doncha think it’s time? If you have the URGE to see yourself be yourself again, to believe in yourself again, to SEE YOURSELF as WHOLE, and TALENTED, and POSSIBLE…’s a little nudge to tuck away. Maybe this could be suitable […]

Look Out World, Here I Come. Or Maybe Not.

Here we go again. All the talk of new year’s resolutions. Fact is, most people who do RESOLVE at the first of the year have DISSOLVED by mid-February. I believe WE (the universal WE) have a core issue driving all those resolutions….one that’s not talked about very much…and certainly not often understood as the linchpin […]

Baby, It’s OLD Outside!

OK…Full disclosure. I hit 65 this year. And when I say “hit”, I mean like a freight train. Who knew I would need emergency heart surgery? And, then the other nine or so random surgeries that also seemed to need my full attention for the rest of last year. I’ve always thought every year sort […]

Renew You: 5 Best Summer Reads

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are up to our eyeballs in the dog days of summer. Fry an egg on the sidewalk, time. And, being the ever-constant contrarian, I believe THIS IS THE BEST TIME of the year, when there’s this palpable lazy-hazy lull, to create personal plans and make realistic goals. It’s […]

Your own Independence Day?

A couple of weeks ago, I invited some girl friends to spend a few days with me at my just-completed place in the country. Oh boy! They were on their way, ready for a great time, relaxing and laughing, eating massive nibbles of Southern/East Texas food and enjoying an adult beverage or two or ten. […]

Same Facts: Reframed: Different Story

Most of us are all too aware of “spin” these days.  As the facts of any given story get turned and twisted into new truths, it makes us uncertain that anything we read or hear is the truth, the real truth, and nothing but the truth. Right? Recently, a story surfaced about a powerful sitting […]

Your REAL Friends. Do you wonder sometimes?

The other day, I was at the dentist. I love to go to the dentist because he is one of the friendliest, wittiest, most fun-loving, people-loving people I know.  While he has all ten fingers in my mouth, he distracts me with his stories.  So what does that have to do with real friends? On […]

Two Kinds of YES.

YES.  It’s my favorite word. Over the years, I’ve realized there are two kinds of YES.  One creates peace and pleasure.  The other can create considerable chaos. The majority of my life, I’ve wanted to please people. My hand has spent much too much time in the air.  Automatic.  Reflexive.  “Pick me. Pick me!” Or, […]

How I lost 1,000 pounds.

Yep, no question.  I have lost at least 1,000 pounds. The same ten pounds a hundred times….or more.  That’s because old habits die hard. When my 8% body fat husband goes out of town, I usually order a pizza, and when they ask if I would like to add a funnel cake to my order, […]