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Look Out World, Here I Come. Or Maybe Not.

Here we go again. All the talk of new year’s resolutions. Fact is, most people who do RESOLVE at the first of the year have DISSOLVED by mid-February. I believe WE (the universal WE) have a core issue driving all those resolutions….one that’s not talked about very much…and certainly not often understood as the linchpin […]

Oh Gosh. It’s Here.

When I first starting writing this blog in 2009, I went to a class about the “right way” to write a blog. They spent the majority of the time telling us how to “monetize” our posts….getting a massive number of followers which would attract the Googles of the world, which would attract the advertisers of […]

Finding Our Rock Solid Inner Home.

Much of my life, I have known MY purpose was to assist/advocate for others in finding THEIRS. It’s always been so clear to me that all of us need a rock, solid center from which to operate. Something in us needs to be able to say…”THIS IS ME“…and mean it. Not in that defiant “flip-you-off” […]

Words I wish were mine. I share with you.

My favorite word is….YES. I ask myself…“How do I get to ‘YES’?….all the time. If it’s something I really, really want to know, or do, or be, then I ask, “How do I get to “Deep Yes”? When I get quiet and remind myself that faith is the absence of worry, then all kinds of […]

Renew You: 5 Best Summer Reads

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are up to our eyeballs in the dog days of summer. Fry an egg on the sidewalk, time. And, being the ever-constant contrarian, I believe THIS IS THE BEST TIME of the year, when there’s this palpable lazy-hazy lull, to create personal plans and make realistic goals. It’s […]

No Matter What

With Mother’s Day on the way, I was touched by the following story told by a woman whose mother was her role model and mentor, on many levels. “My mom was an RN, and she came home one day covered in blood because she had saved the life of a man who begged her, in […]

What ANGER can do for you.

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend a luncheon where Amal Clooney spoke about her work in the world, in the field of human rights violations.  Not only is she gorgeous, she is brilliant and dedicated to righting huge wrongs against humanity and she has been effective in doing so.  When asked what motivated […]

A Life Well-Lived.

Today is my mother’s birthday. She would have been 97. Over a period of many years, Alzheimer’s finally had its way with her.  And, even though, for several years, she had no idea who I was, when we went to visit…..she would always lean in, beckoning me to come closer and whisper, “I would love […]

Your best possible life. 5 guarantees for success. Rule #5

Rule #5.  Love and Respect Others. Treat everyone, no matter who they are, as if they were critical to your own well-being. Let others have their own voice and their own path without interfering, judging, competing and comparing. Apply that same loving, respectful credo to yourself. This is a great practice requiring discipline and consistency.  It […]

Your best possible life. 5 guarantees for success. Rule #4

If you’ve decided to pursue your best possible life, hopefully, you’ve also decided to take the first three rules into consideration: Rule #1.  Have a vision for your life. Rule #2.  Believe in your ability to figure things out. Rule #3.  Have F U N. These rules were developed by Brendon Burchard, best-selling author and highly-regarded human […]