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Renew You: 5 Best Summer Reads

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we are up to our eyeballs in the dog days of summer. Fry an egg on the sidewalk, time. And, being the ever-constant contrarian, I believe THIS IS THE BEST TIME of the year, when there’s this palpable lazy-hazy lull, to create personal plans and make realistic goals. It’s […]

Your own Independence Day?

A couple of weeks ago, I invited some girl friends to spend a few days with me at my just-completed place in the country. Oh boy! They were on their way, ready for a great time, relaxing and laughing, eating massive nibbles of Southern/East Texas food and enjoying an adult beverage or two or ten. […]

The True Human Condition

As I watch the reports of the latest insanity played out, in our country/world, I am struck by one thing. Our most basic instinct is to take care of one another because we value life itself.  The stories of people who lept into the fray to take care of total strangers, saving their lives…..bring a […]

Texting, Texting…What Happened to Talking?

OK.  I admit it.  I’ve fallen into a vat of techno-poopie. Not exactly sure when I crossed over from talking to people with actual words coming out of my mouth… now, where the words, as few as possible, are coming out of the end of my fingers via text. But I have.  I realized recently, […]

Our Next President. Our Choices.

In the seven years, I been writing these posts, I’ve never had a word to say about anything political.  But, given that it’s Memorial Day, a time to honor and celebrate those brave people who were committed enough to our country to give up their lives for it…..well, it’s just time. As I look around […]

TIME: Two Ways

As I get older, I think about time more often. Not the actual time of day but the use of it. And, it occurred to me that I need to think about it completely differently.  Most of the time, I think of it in terms of how it was spent….as in, how I spent this […]

The Big Fat Zero

Most of the time, I have written many posts in advance. As things “pop in” I put the ideas for posts into a draft file parked in the templates of WordPress. Then, I go back later and develop these one line ideas into completed posts. It usually makes for an easy, organic process where there […]

Your REAL Friends. Do you wonder sometimes?

The other day, I was at the dentist. I love to go to the dentist because he is one of the friendliest, wittiest, most fun-loving, people-loving people I know.  While he has all ten fingers in my mouth, he distracts me with his stories.  So what does that have to do with real friends? On […]

What ANGER can do for you.

Yesterday, I had the good fortune to attend a luncheon where Amal Clooney spoke about her work in the world, in the field of human rights violations.  Not only is she gorgeous, she is brilliant and dedicated to righting huge wrongs against humanity and she has been effective in doing so.  When asked what motivated […]

Because I said so.

Some days we just have to go with what we KNOW to be true, and run with it, no matter WHAT anybody else says. This morning is a good example.  My husband and I have recently completed building a house in the country.  And even though, it’s only a 2 hour drive from Dallas, it’s […]