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Your best possible life. 5 guarantees for success. Rule #3

Rule #1…Have a vision for your life  and Rule #2….Believe in your ability to figure things out……are fully supported by Rule #3 It’s no coincidence that it’s the centerpiece of the five rules for your best possible life. I challenge you to make it your new “F” word. Rule #3.  Have F U N. F U N. […]

Your best possible life. 5 guarantees for success. Rule #2

We all deserve to have the best life possible.  In Rule #1 we talked about creating a vision for what that might look AND feel like. Now, let’s talk about what it will take to begin turning that vision into reality. Rule #2.  Believe in your ability to figure things out. This requires embracing the power of three words, […]

Your best possible life. 5 guarantees for success. Rule #1

It’s always amazed me that we can go through years of schooling and come out, thousands of hours and thousands of dollars later, with almost no clue about how to really live.  The super important stuff, like (1)how to get along with others, (2)how to present ourselves in both dress and demeanor, in various life/career […]

Craving something NEW and NEXT? Thoughts from the starting gate.

To get started on a better future for yourself or to create what you believe to be a better world, you simply need to believe that it’s possible. BELIEVE in fresh starts and new beginnings. BELIEVE in the miracle of the second chance. BELIEVE that opportunity is everywhere and all around you. BELIEVE that life […]

Let Your Frustrations Fuel Your Future

Do you often feel like you live between the rock and the hard place?  Maybe a brand new place is just ahead. Is there an ongoing central frustration in your life?  Maybe it’s THE clue to your future. So often, what we need to see in order to move forward, is right in front of our […]

Scared of Change? Maybe You’re Stuck on the Word, Itself.

Recently, the glitches occurring with my old, clunker computer have become much too much. It weighs a ton and the cursor jumps all over the place, if I try to backtrack to correct typos.  A short email can take an hour before I can actually hit SEND.  Ugh. I need all my hair, so yanking it […]

Powerful Personal Magnetism. 10 Secrets Revealed.

Summer is officially over.  Fall is felling.  Brace yourself. We are on the verge of another holiday season.  Soon, it will be NEXT YEAR.  Is it time to consider having more of what you really want in your life? What is it, about some people that seems to attract others so readily? Here are a […]

The Only Question You Ever Need to Ask. The Only Answer that Ever Matters.

This is short and simple. Profound, usually is. Here’s the only question you ever need to ask: WHO CARES? And, then…..the only answer that will ever matter: I DO.

Spew U. Learning to Vent 101. Lessons in Letting GO!

Some days we need an outlet just to spew.  You know the ones. Frustrations have built up to the point where we feel like a balloon that’s been blown up but not tied off.  We are ready to blow around the room, pinging off the walls and ceiling.  The feelings intensify when we don’t have […]

Five unexpected benefits of asking for help.

Best selling author, Brene Brown has researched and talked extensively on what shame based thinking can look like.  One way it shows up for women is by thinking we have to figure out everything on our own.  Not only that, we are supposed to master life, making “graceful and effortless” our daily mantra. As Dr. […]