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Creating a Life to Love. Decision #7. Seeing the GIFT in everything.

Decision # 7.  Today, I choose to be happy.  I possess a grateful spirit.  I seek the gift in every situation which expands my thinking and allows greater opportunity to be revealed. Don’t worry, I am not going all Polyanna on you.  So often, our initial take on things deserves some delving.  This is one of […]

Creating a life to love. Decision #6. The power of forgiveness.

Decision #6. I greet the day with a forgiving spirit.  I forgive myself, first. Some people think “forgiving” is just throwing in the towel, giving in, rolling over….saying “oh well, never mind” or letting someone get away with something they shouldn’t.  Forgiving ourselves is a different story altogether because most of us rarely do that.  […]

Creating a Life to Love. Decision #5. Honoring My Inner Voice.

Creating a Life to Love. Decision #5.  I persist without exception by listening to and honoring my inner voice for I am a person of great faith. Even after all these years, continuing to focus each day, on just one of the 7 Decisions of Success….this one continues to stop me cold. As a recovering “good girl”, […]

Creating a Life to Love. Decision #4. Clarity+Faith for the future.

Decision #4.  My destiny is assured. Clarity of purpose insures right action. What may look or feel like failure I see as fine tuning. Thomas Edison knew he was on to something.  Aren’t we glad he did NOT give up? He made more than 10,000 attempts to find the right combination, creating electric light. Every “failure” […]

Creating A Life to Love: Decision #3. Reframing Fear.

Decision #3.  I choose now.  I push through my fear.  I am a person of action. You have probably heard, “Feel the fear.  Do it anyway.”  Whenever I have heard that one, at the very least, it conjures up images of “weenie-me” not wanting to attempt something grand. It also makes me think of people who […]

Creating a Life to Love. Decision #2.

I seek wisdom.  The solutions I find, I willingly share with others. Just to clarify.  Seeking wisdom is not about looking stuff up on Google.  Those are just the facts.  Wisdom is what happens after the facts, when you figure out what that information actually means, to you, in particular. Seeking wisdom also does not have […]

Creating a Life to Love. 7 Decisions That Make It Possible.

About twenty years ago, when I was totally overwhelmed with life and equally underwhelmed with myself,  a dear friend gave me “The Seven Decisions”. They were instrumental, she said, in turning her own life around. Her method of incorporating them into her life, worked for me as well.  She assured me, that even in my overwhelmed state, that […]