Your Questions Answered

Most prospective clients have the same questions when we talk for the first time…so here they are, based on an actual transcript of a call…..

Who Are Your Clients?
My clients are women—currently ranging in age from 25-84. They are well educated, well traveled, savvy and sophisticated. They are women who, for the most part, are already highly accomplished.

They come to me individually to work privately as well as through their companies who have recognized their talent and want to help them develop their next level of expertise.

Many are in various life transitions, looking for their own NEW NEXT and for a deeper level of success or a new kind of “personal more”. They are intent on creating a new sense of direction whether it be in their personal or professional lives, or both. Often, they are certain they want something to change in their lives, but don’t know where to start.

What we do is not therapy. As a matter of fact, I am often recommended by therapists who realize their clients are looking for more of a personal strategic plan or personal re-branding. They want to maximize what’s working in their lives and minimize what isn’t……to gain a renewed sense of purpose and perspective.

To see specific examples of clients’ requests, go to the end of these questions for an in-depth review of some of the people I have worked with.

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So, what makes you qualified to do this?
All my life, I have been a seeker……fascinated with what it takes to be fully whole…and human….to be authentic, to be self-expressed and purposeful throughout all of life’s phases. My desire to become a catalyst and mentor for others, became the impetus for a multi-faceted education in the world of human growth, and development of potential, by gaining clarity about all our strengths and talents…..and then to understand how to utilize and activate them effectively. As a result, I became an educator, author, minister, mentor, and facilitator of the very work in which I had been the student.

See the tab ABOUT PEGGY for more specific information about my professional background, education, training and affiliations.

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OK, so if you are mentoring me... Is there some kind of process... or do we just sit and talk?
There is a definitive, but fluid, process, called Illuminating Your Brilliance. It has four steps.

STEP ONE. We start with a proven method of uncovering, revisiting and renewing your awareness about your own unique combination of strengths. Prepare to be WOWed by your very own self. That’s a great place to start—to see the most positive—you of you—will allow you to begin to craft a life of less stress, more personal confidence, passion, direction and purpose.

STEP TWO. Then, we take stock. Where are you now? We look at ways you can use your strengths as filters for your life—ways you might re-frame or re-new what you are doing with your days, your relationships, your work and your deepest desires.

STEP THREE. Step Three has two parts.
First….we dream together. We craft a clear and do-able vision.

Second….we create the plan. One that works for you, that fits your life now and that will take you into your NEW NEXT.

STEP FOUR. We put the plan into action. We celebrate your progress and we course correct when necessary.

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How long will this take? And, what does it cost?
Our initial consultation is free. It lasts about 20 minutes to see if we are a fit for one another. I can’t take every client who calls because some people just aren’t ready to go forward. But assuming we are……we will outline how things work and go from there. It’s easy.

Everyone is so different and their needs are so specific that it’s hard to say the exact extent of the process.

Some people are happy to just complete Step One. That’s fine with me. I am here for YOU.

Others decide they want to do more—-the right path always reveals itself as we talk.

We can discuss the particulars when we talk.

Here are some specific examples of clients’ requests….who have come to MY NEW NEXT:

  1. I have had a consuming, lucrative career with status and 5-star travel and benefits—I am not sure I know how to do less….but, my God, I cannot work at this pace forever. But I am afraid I will get bored. The idea of sitting at home with a suddenly quiet phone scares me to death. I don’t want to become known as “the baby sitter”. And, I don’t want to just fill my day with a bunch of “busy little projects” to pass the time. I want to quit but I am scared.
    Kathryn B, 59……corporate attorney, divorced, 3 adult children, 7 grandchildren
  2. Becoming a new Empty Nester—The house is so empty but I know the possibilities are endless. What would be the most satisfying thing/things to pursue?
    Elaine M, 52…..14 years teaching high school art, then 20+years stay-at-home mom, twins in college, 24-yr old daughter, living in NYC
  3. My husband died after a three year battle with cancer. I am sad…but, to be honest, actually relieved…that neither of us is suffering like we were. I want to turn this grief into a positive catalyst for something meaningful and satisfying. I am even thinking about moving from the house, and city, I have lived in for the last 40 years. I don’t want to lose my mind. I want to get on with my life. But my life, as I’ve known it the last 45 years has ended. I need to make a radical change.
    Nancy N, 66, former nurse, wife, mother of 5 adult children, 3 grandchildren, avid traveler
  4. I have been in an energy sucking job for years until I was laid off last year. Is it time to start something on my own? I need a lot of money to pursue my idea. And a lot of nerve. But I am really not even sure what I want. I want help to know myself better first.
    Jessica K, 41, human resources exec with Fortune 100 company, married to an attorney, no children
  5. Maybe the “limelight” is not all it’s cracked up to be. Is it time to authentically “express” rather than to be so ready to “impress”? Is it time to “shed” some “friends” who really aren’t friends at all?
    Judy, 39, married to hedge fund executive, self-described “perfectionist”, three teenage kids—two of whom are in gifted/talented program, the other child with special needs.
  6. We have lived in the same house with the same furniture and the same things on the walls for nearly twenty years. I am just dying for a change but feel overwhelmed with the need to throw everything out and start all over. We are even considering down-sizing but that seems kind of depressing. I know we need to get rid of all kinds of junk we have accumulated over the years.I hear you do two kinds of “interior design.” You help people figure out what they really want first, and THEN, help them create a new look to reflect the new phase their life is taking. Right? Can we do both? I need so much help in so many areas of my life right now, I don’t know where to start!
    Janice, 54, married, empty nester.
  7. I am in a new marriage, with my grown kids and his grown kids. They all live near us while we live in his home that he shared with his “sainted” deceased wife. We are all politely tiptoeing around one another while resentments build. This is so much more complicated than I thought it would be. OMG, how am I going to navigate all that’s new and enjoy the process? I love my husband so much but I am afraid I have made a huge mistake….no one knows I feel this way. I need some strategy sessions and a plan, so “seat of the pants” does not take over!
    Alexa, 61, hiking enthusiast, gourmet cook, aspiring writer
  8. Dating, later in life. The last time I did this, I was twenty. It’s a new, wild world and I would love to love it. I need a new look. I need a new perspective. I need to feel viable and interesting again. How do I “get out there” with confidence?
    Mary Jo, 46, divorced after 17 years of marriage, part-time interior decorator, one 14 yr old son
  9. I have the career. I have the baby. I have the house and the husband. Supposedly I “have it all”. But, I am exhausted. I feel like a failure because I feel so mad all the time. I feel disillusioned and guilty and resentful, all at the same time. Help me find a way to “have it all” and/or to get real about this “dream” that feels more like a nightmare. There is no way, I can keep this up. NEXT, please…..and hurry!
    Cassie, 32, attorney, new mom, active in many community and social groups
  10. I just want a make-over. I have not done anything new and fresh in years. I have spent all my time and energy taking care of everyone but me. Help me find my courage. Help me find myself. I am not sure who that actually is…and not sure I have ever known.
    Carol, a former flight attendant, married for 28 years, with 2 adult children….one who has moved back home after losing a job and getting divorced

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What’s the difference between a Mentor and a Coach?
Mentoring includes coaching. Mentoring takes a more global, 360 degree view of a person—-assessing and addressing the needs and desires of the whole person. Coaching is part of mentoring in that, when you recognize specific goals you would like to accomplish, we make a plan to become strategic about meeting those specific goals.

As a mentor, I use a hybrid combination of my own depth and breadth of personal and professional life experience, combined with many hours of specific training in facilitation of groups and individuals to help you craft your own, unique path. I am in there with you, discovering what YOUR NEW NEXT needs to look and feel like.

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