Finding Our Rock Solid Inner Home.

Much of my life, I have known MY purpose was to assist/advocate for others in finding THEIRS.

It’s always been so clear to me that all of us need a rock, solid center from which to operate. Something in us needs to be able to say…”THIS IS ME“…and mean it. Not in that defiant “flip-you-off” tone of voice. And, certainly not in any form of a sheepish apology. It’s really about our own quiet voice confirming our IS-NESS. It’s about deeply and clearly recognizing our divine crafting did not stop with our fingerprints….everything about us is one of a kind. We were meant to stand up, on our own two feet, AND stand out. We were meant to discover our gifts and then find ways to give them to the world.

I believe reality TV shows have become wildly popular because so many of us have not crafted a personal reality that actually suits us or feels any sense of purpose or that rock solid grounding. And yet, the desire to have that very thing is so primal, we gravitate to it at any cost. And if we can’t find it within, then we will look for it outside ourselves, just to have a sense of it somehow. It’s how the Kardashians and the “Honey-Boo-Boo’s” of the world have become “famous”….for being themselves. It’s how an organization like ISIS can grow too. The search for an identity, a life of meaning and purpose is part of our DNA.

It’s just that in way too many cases…D N A means Definitely Not ALIVE.

So, in thinking about LIFE and PURPOSE….once again I have turned to Dawna Markova. Her short paragraph about life purpose fits with the idea of looking for new centers of gravity, in ways that are unique to each of us. From time to time, we all need inspiration in order to feel the winds of freedom in our faces and to fill the sails of our future with hope and possibility.

Enjoy. And….consider.


No one can tell you how to find your purpose. It can only emerge slowly, in your own dark sky, in whatever territory is sacred to you, be that church or woods. It can’t be found by searching for a role model, or a hero. It is seldom discovered following anyone else’s rules. It lives in the place where music is born—-the fertile void, the silence between notes. It emerges slowly as a sunrise as we search through our gifts, our darkness, our losses and loves. Your job and mine is to be quiet and alone from rushing and time.To be fully present to ourselves and the natural world, and to be in conversation with what is hidden in us to explore what brings us more alive.

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