How I lost 1,000 pounds.

Yep, no question.  I have lost at least 1,000 pounds.

The same ten pounds a hundred times….or more.  That’s because old habits die hard.

When my 8% body fat husband goes out of town, I usually order a pizza, and when they ask if I would like to add a funnel cake to my order, I hate to be impolite.  I eat most of it for dinner.  Then, breakfast cold, the next day. Then, it’s gone.  All of it.  All by myself.  You’d think I was 14 and this is my version of Risky Business.

And, I really like apple fritters.  The kind that are day-old hard.  Now don’t criticize me just yet.  This is quite a step up from the Ding Dongs I used to devour. But I had my standards even then, preferring them only when they came into the 7-Eleven, fresh that day.  I used to get a call from Fahwad, the clerk, who became quite annoyed with me during one late night trip where I stood, squeezing every Ding Dong on the rack, in search of one with that unmistakable “freeze squeeze” feel.  I guess it was sort of like squeezing the bottoms of all the chocolates in the box, then leaving them crushed for the next person.  Fahwad was not having it.  So he got my phone number instead, to leave me voice mails about new shipments.  Seriously. We did this for years until the 7-Eleven in that location became a 24 hr. vet clinic.  Some people have divine, private wine cellars stashed in restaurants and stores.  Me.  Ding Dongs. 7 Eleven.

But Hostess upped the wax coating to increase shelf life, so I said “No more, mister.”

I just like junk.  And tequila. In the form of margaritas.  And, Snickerdoodles.  I can eat a warm dozen in one sitting.

All that sugar. sugar. sugar.

Everything I have read about the evils of sugar makes me cringe.  It wrecks your skin, aging it more rapidly than the sun, according to some reports. It makes your morning constitution almost impossible.  It sends you into happy-dance orbit, for a short while but then soon there after you find yourself in a pre-menopausal, “murder-would-be-too-good-for-him” snarl. That pretty much covers, mind, body, and spirit.

Sugar is hidden in everything under the sun too.  It’s even in mustard and ketchup, galore.  Love it all. But I know it does NOT love me back. And, yet, here I am in confession.

So, here’s the thing.  The grip to get is on how much I truly care about myself……in the long haul.

Succumbing to the thought/urge in the  “moment” is the habit, I have been wrestling. And, the consumption of anything with sugar is the action/addiction. Pure and simple.

The HABIT is STEP ONE in the YO…..the thought/urge or the trigger.

The ACTION is STEP TWO, the other YO.

You now have my unscientific explanation of YO-YO dieting…….thought plus action = 1,000 pounds later……and counting.

This is all about self-love which is the essence of discipline.  Some people think discipline and denial or deprivation are linked together but self-discipline IS love in action.  It’s keeping your inner kid from playing in the traffic, when the sugar truck is screeching down the street.

So, here I am…..needing to lose that same 10 AGAIN.  I don’t really weigh that often but my fat and skinny jeans help send me the message, loud and clear.  It’s time.

This time. I am not hiding out.  I am telling you about it….which is supposed to be the first step in changing a habit.  Have an accountability partner.  That would be you, should you accept.

I believe the answer is in a question laced with self-love and self-discipline…..rather than “you-fat-slob-criticism”…..

“You could have this NOW, or you could have the result you REALLY want later….which would you prefer?”

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