Look Out World, Here I Come. Or Maybe Not.

Here we go again. All the talk of new year’s resolutions. Fact is, most people who do RESOLVE at the first of the year have DISSOLVED by mid-February.

I believe WE (the universal WE) have a core issue driving all those resolutions….one that’s not talked about very much…and certainly not often understood as the linchpin to our foundational well being as humans.

But I now see that it’s the key to success on every level.

It’s behind losing weight, to landing a rewarding career, to creating a rock-solid marriage and family, to being enriched with friends from all walks of life, and to feeling less stress about our ever-wilder world.

When we have mastered this one quality, our inner well of authentic self confidence overflows. Our level of innate trust, personal power and serenity remains unwavering. The sights we set are the sights we achieve. People believe us and believe IN us, as we do ourselves.

What we need to resolve before anything else is our own SELF-EFFICACY.

Self-efficacy means: I can trust myself to do what I say I will do.

It sounds so ridiculously simple.

Yet…..How often do we say one thing and then turn right around to do another? How often do we resolve to “start tomorrow”? How often do we do more for others or make sure others can count on us, but then completely fall down on our own well-being? Self-efficacy is about US for US, too.

Without it, there is no basis for trust. All I know for sure is that if I can’t trust myself to do what I say I will do, to follow through on what I believe are even my best own intentions, then how can I ever trust anyone else?

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