Oh Gosh. It’s Here.

When I first starting writing this blog in 2009, I went to a class about the “right way” to write a blog. They spent the majority of the time telling us how to “monetize” our posts….getting a massive number of followers which would attract the Googles of the world, which would attract the advertisers of the world and would allow us “bloggers” to make a tidy, little living off of all of you.

Nope. Not for me. This blog has never been about sales. It’s always been about self-expression and heart-felt connection. All those blogs that do, do it “the right way” drive me nuts, with their ads every 3rd line. I start out loving them and then end up unsubscribing.

They also said “NEVER, EVER write a post about a specific event.” Well, nope…again. Some things are just too important to ignore.

The election is here. If you haven’t already voted absentee, you will be standing in line somewhere tomorrow…..for many of us, filled with dread. Filled with the realization that you know exactly how Meryl Streep’s character felt in the movie, SOPHIE’S CHOICE, when she was forced to chose about which of her two children she would be taking on the train into a new life and which one she would leave behind to die. War is hell. So is this election.

Sorry all you Clinton-ites and Trumpers…..I don’t see a viable choice. What I do see is the mess we have gotten ourselves in as a country. The blind-eye we have been turning, as a collective citizenry, for years and years has allowed the bullies in the back rooms in both parties to push their own agendas, making sure the machine they created would provide them tenure and perks and power exclusive to their own private club. They’ve created webs of deals and double deals that seem like a big wad of Christmas lights, haphazardly pulled from the tree, thrown in a basket….only to be discovered for the NEXT year as an impossible tangle to ever use again. So, fiddle-dee-dee…we just buy more. Let somebody else untangle the mess.

It’s as if we have become a leaf-blower society…..making a tremendous racket….looking like we are getting the job done, when all we are really doing, rather than picking up the leaves and bagging them to throw away, we are blowing all the leaves out into the street, down the nearest drain. So, my own yard looks perfect but the drain is now so clogged that when a heavy rain comes….ALL the streets flood.

As I have watched our national embarrassment unfold, I must say, I have felt utterly powerless. What is my one voice, my one vote, going to accomplish? My outrage over the” UN-choice” of a bombast or a congenital liar really makes no difference to anyone but me. I do think I see an unusual incendiary irritability coursing through the veins of our country….coming out in all kinds of sideways hissing and spitting at one another. More road rage. More bar fights. More decent people telling one another off over the smallest things.

The other day, in the express line at the grocery store, one woman starting yelling at the one in front of her because she had 18 things, instead of the suggested “no more than 15 items” on the conveyor belt. She knew, “for sure” because she “had been counting”, by cracky! Then they began hashing out whether 4 boxes of the same item should actually be counted as 4 things or 1 thing. The argument became louder and louder as the woman who had been doing the counting was chastising the woman doing the shopping. Even at Trader Joe’s where every one seems to have taken happy pills before coming to work in their Hawaiian shirts, there was just a stunned silence as the “fast lane” came to a complete halt. My ice cream melted along with my spirits in another WTF moment.

In a world where chickens on treadmills can get 6 million hits online. Or where 12 million Elvis impersonators can have their own global conventions or where Grumpy Cat has a Twitter following….could there be a way for people to create a collective that reflects what really feels like an US-NESS?

MY own personal duck, or at least the thing that looks like one and sounds like one..seems to be quacking its head off in what feels like a dry pond. For many months now, I have watched specific scenarios. My own two eyes and ears are right there with me….knowing what I have seen and heard but what gets reported is NOT that….AT ALL. Nuanced versions and highly unusual/creative editing, depending on the point of view of the reporter, becomes the new truth.

I am considering writing a brand new blog and calling it…SHEESH.

So, here we are. Time to vote. If you were voting your conscience, surely you are having a serious talk with yourself. If you are voting for the first woman president, surely you are thinking more of the marquee value of history in the making, rather than the history of her corruption and horrendous self-serving decisions. If you are wanting to “Make America Great Again” then surely you know how hard that’s going to be with a leader whose classic narcissism is textbook, straight out of central casting…could such a fragile ego, bent on “hitting YOU back harder” ever be the fodder for real, world diplomacy?


What’s that?

I’m just saying…I don’t envy me….and I don’t envy US, for the foreseeable future.

I believe we have massive work to do.

Someone is going to be elected.

But, we will all be subjected to finding our ways of coping. We will be in need of all the help we can get. We will have to find ways to get along….to care for ourselves in a more profound way, to lift our family and friends and co-workers into more clarity and greater understanding. We will have to find ways to be kinder to one another.

After the disaster of 911….we DID find those ways again. For a brief time, we were cognizant of how much we really do mean to one another and how much we value our country, and our freedoms.

Perhaps, that’s the purpose of this election. To shock us into revising our political system. To finally be so concerned that we pay attention instead of turning a blind eye and accepting the status as “quo”. We must find our own voices and our own values again.

As much as I have felt helpless to turn the tide, I still know, it starts with me. I don’t have to be taken down by the undertow.

May God bless our mess and may we find out that we are the light at the end of the tunnel.

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