What Clients Are Saying

I had taken the Strengths Finder, years ago, in my corporate job. I sort of blew it off as something “nice”. Now that I see how it can actually be used for greater understanding of myself, I am blown away that I did not get how important it was back then. It has made me so much more aware of the choices I make, the boundaries I need to set, and how I can use my true talents and gifts. I have a new direction based on a real foundation. Using my strengths as a “filter” has allowed me to not feel so overwhelmed because I can sort out the stuff that really does not fit me, at all. I feel sort of funny saying this……but I am thrilled to find out how much I have going for me.

Carla T., 47, sports marketing entrepreneur

Every time I think about your genuine support of me and my life, it brings me to tears.

Connie K., 56, CEO, civil engineering firm

From the minute I walked in the door, I felt like you “got me”. It made me feel comfortable enough to lose my fear of feeling foolish. “If I was so smart, why couldn’t I figure out what I needed to do?” I went from feeling sad and lonely with my thoughts, to feeling understood and encouraged.

Kathy T., 41 , physician

I was still living “my old life”, as if there was still a house full of kids, when what I needed was a refresher course in myself. It was time to figure out what I value most…..now. The friend who referred me to you said you were a “personal brand strategist” and mentor, not a therapist or a coach.

What? I had no idea what she was talking about, but I saw the positive changes in her life, after working with you, that caused me to check you out.

Now I know what she meant. You helped bring my life current—-fresh thoughts and new attitudes. I am more excited about my life than I have been in years. That 360 review of my life was the real deal. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Mona M., 53, CPA, newly empty-nesting, mother of 3

Sometimes I thought you were totally off the wall with your ideas and the things you asked me to do. Then, I realized I was actually having fun, thinking and doing “out of the box” for a change. It was nice to feel like you were intuitive enough, and experienced enough, to push me, pull me and coax me into what I needed to do and see for myself. I like not being one more “cog” in someone’s coaching curriculum. I certainly do see the difference in what YOU do as opposed to anyone else.  WOW.

Sandy C., former TV producer, 38, turned children’s book author

You wore so many hats with me. Career Adviser. Marriage advocate. Personal-best cheerleader. Strategic planner for the future. I came to you, so stuck. So burned out. Now, I know where I am headed and how I am going to get there. You helped me see how I could take all of my experience and turn it into creating a new business that puts me in the driver’s seat. I am completely pumped. Thank you so much.

Jamie R, 39, litigating attorney

I have gone from sad to glad. When my husband died, my world caved in. I still miss him so much but you helped me see a “me” I had not seen in almost thirty years. You helped me rebuild my life in ways I did not know were possible any more. I have a new view of life along with my new, more current image. I don’t even feel old!

Kathryn H., 66, recently widowed after 42 years of marriage

Working as a career counselor and head hunter, seeing all these people find fulfilling work…..made me feel like a fraud. I hated my job and was not too happy about the rest of my life either. Working with you to understand my strengths, turned all that around for me. “Finding my new next—and finding success on a deeper level.” That’s no joke.

Barbara N., 39, MBA, HR executive

I desperately wanted to move forward with my life but felt too overwhelmed to know where to start. You gave me the courage to try. You guided me into my own vision that I could actually see taking shape. You showed me how to take my natural strengths and use them every day to craft a new life for myself.

Zia B., 45, four-years divorced, caught in corporate down-sizing

My family is so happy I found you. When “mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”. Just knowing I am on my way to something fresh and forward thinking, just for me, is the step toward “happy” I have been longing for. Thank you.

Kathryn W., 49, stay-at-home wife/mother, elder-care volunteer